Sunday, April 18, 2010

Learning from Big Brother

It is funny the things that our children pick up from each other.  In February, I broke down and bought a couple of baby gates.  One for the entrance to the hallway, the other for Jeremy's room since it is right off the living room.  Well, before those gates were purchased, Jeremy was constantly bringing Brennan out of his room... but it was all prefaced with "Get Ouuut" and Jeremy pointing towards the door.  So, Brennan has now picked up on this and likes to tell his Bubba to "get out"...He waves his arm around like he was pointing towards the door, and mumbles something that sounds a little like "get out".  In fact, I think Brennan has seen me having "discussions" with Jeremy so much that he gave Jeremy his own talking too last night as Jeremy was eating.  Brennan had something to get off of his chest I assume, as neither of us understood a word or mumble he was saying.  But he had a very stern look on his face and was wavin his arm around and just makin sure that Jeremy was listening to all he had to say!  It was very hard to hold a straight face!! Anyway, here is a link to some video I posted on facebook of Brennan reinacting the event...sort of.  Brennan "get out" towards the end...

So, I am headed to CA this Thursday.  Going to Stagecoach Music Festival Saturday and Sunday!  I'm so excited... need a mini-vaca from my house.  Have been looking for a laptop bag to take my computer in, but can't seem to find one that doesn't cost more than $30! I live on a budget man! LOL
I just remembered that the small little book from Stephenie Meyers came out...and I should buy it to read on the plane...

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