Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whew! It's been a little while...

So, lots going on here. Brennan turned 1 on March 11th! We had a birthday party here at the house and invited family and friends. He had a great time! He had a Prince themed party with a soccer ball smash cake.  He got all kinds of toys and some clothes.  I got him the Little People ride on Train... he gets behind it and walks it around the house... that is the only walking he does. LOL He just has no interest in walking. 

So since he turned 1, we have been trying to get him to eat normal food with the rest of us... haha!  He gets a little headstrong, don't know where he got that from!!  I practically have to force the first bite in his mouth for him to decide whether he likes it or not.  It's not fun.  So, if anyone has any helpful hints, please feel free to comment! LOL  I can get him to eat Honey Nut Cheerios  for breakfast, but after that, I have problems.  So, I am on the search for blogs and websites that have great ideas for what to feed a stubborn 1 year old!