Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, its been another month and it has gone by fast!! Brennan's thrush has finally gone away after another trip to the doctor and some stronger meds. He weighed in at 15 lbs 1 ounce with his diaper and a onzie on... I guess they don't strip down for unwell visits. He has begun to laugh, and that is funny for us! In fact, his babysitter said she was making him laugh and he laughed so hard that he snorted, scared himself and started crying. She was laughing so hard, she was having a hard time making him stop! LOL I wish I would have been there... I hate missing things like that. Oh well. He really likes his exosaucer, he can turn in circles and play with all kinds of different toys! He is chewing on his fingers and fists... if he could get his whole hand in his mouth I think he would! I have noticed a white spot under his gums on his front bottom right, I think its a tooth getting ready to make an appearance! I will try and keep the blog updated on that event!
Jeremy is at his dads as of last week for his summer vacation. I haven't heard from him, that must mean he is having fun and his siblings haven't driven him crazy yet. I told him that in a few weeks he will be missing his quiet baby brother.
Brennan and I are leaving Thursday evening for Papa Snows and Grandma Judy's house in Colorado for the 4th of July weekend. My aunt from Tennessee is driving over to meet us there and see her new Great Nephew... wow, that made her sound old and she's only 40 LOL!
I am trying to plan a really long weekend to California in August... either the weekend of the 7th or 14 and a few days before or after etc... I will let everyone know when I will be there for getting together! Anyway, I am going to try and post a couple of new pictures and sign off!
Mom! This hats too big!!

This is my saucer...

Monday, June 1, 2009

So, it was a long weekend. Brennan's tongue had been getting more and more white gunk on it so I finally figured out that he has thrush. Thrush as some know is basically a yeast infection in the mouth. So, since it was month end and my mom had Friday off, I sent her to the doctor with Brennan. One note: he gained 1 lb and 4 ounces in 2.5 weeks! The doctor prescribed some meds, but ignored Brennan's cough and congestion again if you ask me. So I come home Friday night to a bit of a cranky baby, you could definitely tell he was sick, poor guy. Well, with his congestion, came phlem and when that came up he would gag and then choke on spit up. So I put him in bed with me both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday morning, he woke up and was talkative so I laid on my bed (with a blanket under him so he would't spit up on my sheets) and talked with him. All of a sudden, he started coughing and gagging and before I knew it, I had the exorcist in my bed! The blanket did no good... he shot over it to get to me. The boy does have good aim. He got my bed, and he got me. So much for keeping my sheets clean. Needless to say, it was a long weekend that went by way too fast. He finally returned back to his normal sleep pattern last night, hope it wasn't a fluke!

A lot going on these days... have a meeting with his dad this week and we have my company picnic on Saturday. That should be fun! I plan to take pictures, so I will try and post a few this weekend.

We propped Brennan up in the exosaucer tonight. He seems to like to stand up a lot, guess he doesn't want to miss anything. So we brought it in, and put a blanket behind him as he turned his seat around and around checking out all the toys at his disposal! Kept him entertained longer than I thought it would since he still doesn't really reach for toys yet. He is really strong and holds himself up pretty well! One thing, this kid drools like a dog going after the last bit of meat on a bone! My mom thinks he is teething. Its possible. I wish he would sleep through the night first.