Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unhappy diner...

My friend and co-worker Casey and I went to lunch at iFratelli's in Irving the other day.  We were looking for a tasty inexpensive Italian restaurant for lunch.  We had a craving for some pasta and good bread.  We were thoroughly disappointed.  I mean, its pretty hard to screw up italian food, especially hard to ruin a house salad.  Casey and I were seated in a small booth, which is fine, they were busy and there was only the two of us.  Our waiter really didn't have the personality of a spaghetti noodle and shouldn't be in the service industry.  When he spoke, it was always on the move, never made eye contact and he mumbled.  We never knew what he was saying or bringing to us next. 
I ordered the Tortellini Robusto with their Rosa sauce.  The Rosa sauce is the combination of marinara and alfredo.  Our meals came with warm bread, which was surprisingly good and also warm... and a side salad.  I chose the house salad.  When he brought the salads to the table with our dressing on the side, I was wondering if we were in the middle of a food rationing that I had not been made aware of.  My salad consisted of iceberg lettuce, one green olive and one pepperoncini.  Really?? TWO small accessories to my lettuce?? Isn't this an italian restaurant? Do they not have tomato and some day old bread that they could make into croutons?? Seriously, I would be embarrassed to serve that in my home let alone make a patron pay to be served such a thing!  By that time, I was so bewildered by my salad that the main course might as well have been a slice of Pizza Hut Pizza, predictible. 

So, since when I get to go out to lunch, its a treat for me, I will not be treating myself here again.