Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting Closer

So I am counting down the days and soon the hours. If I don't have him by Tuesday, she is scheduling me to be induced.... yeah!! Although, I am a little nervous about being induced. I have no clue what that entails, so this is unchartered waters for me! I have pictures of a knitting needle going up there and just breaking my water bag LOL. I am sure on Tuesday, she will give me the details. The ultrasound tech thinks he is about 8 lbs 4 oz, and boy does he have a HUGE foot! I am so glad I registered for socks that are 6-12 months since he won't even fit into the newborn ones! Jeremy didn't either, and he wears a size 12 mens shoe and still growing. So you can see where Brennan's feet are headed. I expect his legs to be a little long too, because I have feet sticking out my side, not just up in my ribs. We also have two less bodies in the house. My step-dad and the dog have gone back to Montana to be the mountain man and beast. LOL He is still giving me hell from there though, telling me to keep the baby in as long as possible, he is self-contained in there he says! LOL So I have also been doing some gift card shopping! Love those that sent gift cards! It makes it easy to go get the last minute things I need! And thanks to those who sent gifts too!! You put a lot of thought into the things you sent and I appreciate it so much!! Anyway, the feet are swelling again, so I need to lay down before running to Walmart.. yeah!