Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ahh... Easter Sunday.  I really love Easter... the colorful eggs, the candy assortment, the bunnies and of course the fun of hiding all of the above!  I love hiding the eggs and watching everyone try and find my clever hiding places.  I think my favorite spot this year was on the light that hangs over my kitchen island.  It has a little flat spot on top about 6 inches from where it connects to the ceiling.  My step dad Don, who is 6'2" tall, couldn't find this egg...and it was the bright pink one!! Jeremy made this "thing" in Art class, I think it looks like a platapoose... he has no idea what it is, anyway, I was able to balance an egg on the spot between its head and neck.  Of course Brennan doesn't quite understand finding the eggs and putting them into the carton, he felt the need to throw one on the tile floor. 
Score: Brennan-1  Eggs-19.
So whatever you are celebrating today, Happy Easter or Happy Reserection Day, may it be a beautiful day spent with family and friends!

My awesome hiding plain sight!

Jeremy's creation in Art class became an interesting spot...

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