Sunday, July 4, 2010

The ABC's of Me Baby!

Ok, so I kind of have to go here this morning. For anyone who knows me, the dating world has been rough on me, not kind at all.  One of my favorite quotes from a movie is from Jerry Maguire and its not "Show me the money!"

Jerry: Can I ask you a question totally unrelated to your career?

Rod: Oh, we gonna be friends now?
Jerry: What do you know about dating a single mother?
Rod: Oh I know plenty. I was raised by a single mother.
Jerry: Tell me, because it's been a month, and she's about to take another job in San Diego.
Rod: First, single mothers don't "date." They have been to the circus, you know what I'm saying? They have been to the puppet show and they have seen the strings. You love her?
Jerry: How do I know?
Rod: You know when you know. It makes you shiver, it eats at your insides. You know?
Jerry: No, I don't know.
Rod: Then you gotta have The Talk.
Jerry: But I sure don't like that she's leaving.
Rod: Well, that ain't fair to her. A single mother, that's a sacred thing, man.
Jerry: The kid is amazing.
Rod: No. A real man does not shoplift the "pooty" from a single mom.
Jerry: I didn't "shoplift the pooty." We were thrown together and -- I mean it's two mutual people who -- Alright, I shoplifted the pooty.
Rod: Shame on you. Shame on you.
I am sure dating a single mom isn't easy for guys, and of course it is not easy for the single mom either.  Men tend to take advantage of our limited time out or location.  I've actually had a man say he had a hard time breaking up because of my kid.  Really? Thanks for thinking of him? Is that how I am suppose to respond to that? Or how about the one who says that he would "step up" for your kid without a dad?  Yep, you got me Hook, Line and Sinker.  My bad.
Single mothers aren't looking for the occassional guy who wants to take you out here and there, well maybe in the beginning... but they already think as they are sitting across from you, "do I want this man around my kids?".  That is how we weed out in the beginning.  How are his manners? Is he polite to the waitress? Does he tip them well? Is he checking out her butt while I am sitting here?  Does he drink too much? Smoke? Everyone has their limits on what they will or will not tolerate.  Cheating isn't tolerated with me.  When I tell a man I love you, I am telling you that I trust you not only with myself, but with my kids.  I am handing you my heart and theirs for the taking.  I am bringing you into the inner circle of our family.  When those words come out of my mouth, I am yours...heart, body and soul. Don't hand me back to my family in pieces. 

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