Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 months old!

Well Brennan hit 6 months last week... he marked his 6 months by cutting two teeth. The first came out on September 3rd, and the second September 5th. His babysitter swears she has never seen a child drool as much as he does! He still puts fingers, toys, fists, toes... whatever he can get to his mouth, goes in his mouth. I had to change a pair of socks the other day because they were just soaked through. You can hardly see the teeth that came through, but as soon as they are picture ready, I'll post LOL.

We had a great trip to CA! Picked up Jeremy on the way and we were glad to see him! We missed "Bubba". We had a great time at Deanna's with her and the kids! She threw me a surprise babyshower/meet Brennan party and it was so fun! I was totally surprised until the tubs of Mexican food arrived! They kept coming up with the best stories for all the preparations going on! Thanks again Dee! We went to the beach on Saturday afternoon for a few hours. Above are the pictures from his first dip in the Pacific Ocean... he didn't cry, was just a little surprised by it! We spent Sunday with friends Bruce and Minday Dowhan and then swimming in Stacy Hackett's pool for Parker's birthday. Brennan loved his crab floatie! Which is at the top of this post... LOL

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