Monday, May 11, 2009

A small milestone

Brennan is 2 months old today! Wow, how time flies. I'm amazed at how much babies grow in such a short period of time. They go from just laying in a ball to scooting around their crib. Where a couple of weeks ago he hardly noticed the little things that dangle on his bouncy, now he talks to them as if they might have something interesting to say back. Right now, he is utterly entranced with his little mobile that I put up on his crib the other day. Its so fun to watch him stare and try to initiate a conversation with these 4 little puppies! I mean he really gets going! I'm going to try and post a video with this post, its a little blurry but I think you will get the point. He goes to the doctor tomorrow for his 2 month check up and shots. I think I will cry before the first needle even enters his thigh!
What I have really enjoyed with these first 2 months, is seeing how Jeremy reacts to Brennan. He likes to pay attention to him when he thinks nobody is watching. The other day, I had Jeremy hold Brennan while I made a bottle and I caught Jeremy kissing Brennan's cheek... it was too cute!! Of course, Jeremy will deny it until he turns blue in the face!

Anyway, I hope that I can find time to blog more often, maybe make a weekly appointment... daily just sounds like an impossibility at this point LOL... but I will try! Until next time...

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