Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1st Update

So, its been a couple of weeks... but waiting for something to progress so I would have something to really talk about. Instead, I'm talking about lack of progression which is very frustrating. I don't remember having this problem with Jeremy, but that was 15 years ago and how well did I really pay attention at 19?? So I went in for my 36 week appointment last week, and she couldn't find my cervix. HUH? Well, as much as my stomach has dropped, I guess he hasn't dropped into the "right" place for her to feel how dilated I am or if I am thinning or not. She took me into another room where she has her small sonogram machine(I think its from the 80's). She wanted to make sure he was head down, he was and she was satisfied with that. So, I left that appointment a little disappointed that I had no new news and nothing was happening.

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and still, her petite, small hands couldn't reach my cervix. Nice. This time though, she seems a little more concerned and has them schedule me for an ultrasound to determine lil Brennan's weight and presentation. And no Keeley, its not animated nor is it powerpoint. For those who don't know, presentation in baby terms means is his head down and where he is supposed to be. Now me, I know he is head down! Hiccups in my pelvis and foot in my right ribs. But, the weight.... now that is what has me concerned!! Once he hits the 9 pound mark, they are knockin me out and slicin me open!
So anyway, my next appointment is March 4th at 11:30 cst and he had better be in position and not over 8 pounds otherwise he will have a very unhappy mother when he arrives!

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